Monday, January 16, 2012

Isabella Wren's Wardrobe

So, here I am 38wks 2 days along in my pregnancy and what do you find me doing (when I'm not completely exhausted and lying down somewhere anyway!)?  Getting Bella's room ready, of course!  :)

Just a week or so ago I didn't think there would be much of a room for her as we did not have the funds to get her some of the bare essentials (like a crib!) but thanks to a wonderful church body we were able to purchase little miss Bella a crib, changing table, chair and rug! Praise God!  With all that activity I got inspired and started putting things together!  

Today I finished her "wardrobe" or closet/shelving thing.  ;)   Jenni and Scott (our team leaders) gave us this ladder shelving unit deal that they didn't need and I figured I could turn it into a wardrobe of sorts to store Isabella Wren's clothes in.  I hate that I didn't take a pic of the before shot but  you can see a bit of what it looked like before in some of the shots since I left the inside unpainted.

Here is the finished product:

 I had these sheer curtains that I had stored in our shipped boxes thinking I could use them for something here in Portugal, so when this shelving unit became available I figured I could use them to "hide" the shelves and clothes inside.  The only problem is that they were about a foot too short.  Well, when I first got here and started going to the weekly flea markets that happen here in our little town (and surrounding little towns) I came across two panels of curtains that had some fun trim on them and were sheer. The were just a few Euros each and just perfect for some window covering in our house.  Well, even though they are not the exact same cream color as the ones I brought with me I used part of them to make up for the lacking length.  And to cover the seam I sewed two stripes of ric rac found at our local sewing store.  Isn't that trim on the bottom fun?  :) 

I tied bows to the hooks to add some color and "girly-ness" to the top. 

A peek of the inside. 

I wanted to show you all of the inside in one shot and was thinking about how to do it when I remembered that along with those sheers I brought from the states, came the tassels I had used to tie the sheers back!  In red!  Hee hee!
This is also a good shot of how the shelves are put together and why its called a ladder shelving unit.  

 I painted the edges in brown (same brown I used to paint the trees on a couple of walls--more on that in another post!) and covered them in this fabulous contact paper I found at our local grocery store!  Sweet!  I was thinking I would get some generic white or woodgrain paper but when I saw this red with pink polka dots I was floored--just perfect!!!

Here is a closer look at what it all used to look like and where I painted brown on the outside edges.  (I wasn't going for a professionally done job, just one that worked!  I mean, come on, time and energy aren't really on my side these days!)  ;)

So, there ya have it.  Would I have preferred a nice store bought wardrobe?  Definitely. But, this adds some fun girly flair to her room that I wasn't thinking I'd have, so I'm happy with it.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be posting soon on the trees I painted and then hopefully after that a post with pics of the room all put together.  Yea!  

Janice :)


  1. Janice these are stunning and so feminine. Love them.

  2. Superb job Janice! I'll have to forward this to my parents so they can see how you transformed them into something amazing!

  3. Janice, What a wonderfully girly creation! Looking forward to the tree! Blessings!

  4. I love it!!! It is so pretty and really practical!

  5. Hi Sweetpea! You did an amazing job transforming something strictly functional into a precious addition to a Isabella's room. You're so gifted and creative! How are you doing? I trust you've had that additional sonogram by now. I'm praying for you constantly and trusting God for everything you need for a wonderful, natural birth.