Friday, October 14, 2011

Some house-in-progress pics!

Hi, everyone!  We've been here now for almost two weeks and progress has been made!  Not by leaps and bounds or anything but in keeping with a positive attitude, progress nonetheless!  :)  So, we are still not in our house yet but are hoping to by this weekend.  We shall see!
Here are some pictures of our house for your viewing pleasure.  ;)
Judah showing the new wall color.  Our living room yet to be painted the new wild green and my favorite room in the house so far, our spacious kitchen with cabinets we were able to pick out and our landlord paid for!  (It was an absolutely empty room before hand.)
A kind of random hallway; it leads to a half bath at the end to the right. Long narrow bathroom.  Our new stove.  We had NO idea it didn't have a knob to set an exact temp in the oven when we bought it.  Apparently, its only settings are "grill" (kind of like our broil but on the topmost rack), little flame and big flame!!!  Ha!  We are going to buy an oven thermometer and see if it will work for us.
Luke building a buffet the Robinson's are letting us use.  Eventually it will move to the dining room end of living room.  Elijah enjoying his legos in his new room!  
Our room with our new bed spray painted a dark brown and an armoire we are borrowing from the Robinson's to store our clothes until we can purchase our own.  Picture of the "lovely" floral tile in our bathroom.  ;)
Our "laundry room" part of the bathroom.  Need to get an electrical outlet installed in order to get the washing machine working.  Praise God the Robinson's old one is still functional!  We're hoping to get a dryer sometime and put it next to the washer, build a wall to separate the laundry area from the toilet and put up a counter and cabinets above to complete the space.  Luke atop a ladder helping Scott puncture a hole through the concrete wall in order to install a vent for the stove.
Elijah helping Luke install the slats the mattress sits on.  No box springs in this country.  Our roof from inside the attic: they are clay shingles!  That's it!  I was so incredibly surprised that there was nothing else there and that they apparently keep the rain out.  The are interlocking-ish (the lay on top of each other) but still, so curious.
Me by our new stove and showing that I like the green we chose for our living room.  :)  It is a bit wild but I'm thinking its going to look fab once we furnish the place.
View from our back patio.  The part to the right of the fence, with the swings and a good bit of the land behind the little play area are all for our enjoyment--what a blessing!  We apparently have two orange trees, a fig tree, a couple of plum trees and an unknown fruit tree.  And a view of our huge back patio.
The boys enjoying the swings for a bit as I go around taking pictures. :)

Well, more pics to come as the Lord provides for more!  Pray for the funding to buy couches, tables/chairs and everything else we need to make this a home!  

Janice :)


  1. I love the pictures, and I LOVE the view from your back porch! That is incredible! Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

  2. What an interesting/challenging start to your life in Portugal!!

  3. WOW, that stove thing is confusing...what do the locals say about baking?

  4. Love these pics and that green...will be fab!! Praying for you and enjoying your new adventure via the pics :) God is going to do great things via you and your happy for you!!

  5. How exciting! I'm so happy for you. Your rooms are so large and filled with light. That's wonderful! And what a great backyard. Love the green paint. I really feel for you about the oven. Very strange. I guess it must make sense to the locals?? I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in time. I'm praying for God's provision for everything you need.

  6. How exciting, moving and what an awesome place you have moved to, I have to return to your blog to read why the move.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Love the green!! I am so inspired by you!! You're a world home, in blog world, and everywhere your foot steps!!